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Animals Eat Each Other


In Elle Nash’s stunning and powerful debut, a girl with no name embarks on a fraught three-way relationship with Matt, a satanist and a tattoo artist, and his girlfriend Frances, a new mom. The liaison is caged by strict rules and rigid emotional distance. Nonetheless, it’s all too easy to surrender to an attraction so powerful she finds herself erased, abandoning even her own name in favor of a new one: Lilith.

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Elizabeth & Mary & Elle


In this chapbook, three writers share three female narrators give us three tales of love: love that was, love that wasn't, and love that flees. one woman recounts how she falls in love with the father of her child alongside her heartbreak of the suicide of Kurt Cobain. another woman finds herself too high at a house full of stray animals; the house's owner, and her date, as haunted and strange as the house. a third questions the coming shift in her identity and if her old man can weather the changes as she spends time in a dilapidated apartment complex in which neighbors come and go too quickly. 

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This 19 page micro-chap features short series of vignettes about a small town in the rural south.

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I Can Remember the Meaning of Every Tarot Card but I Can’t Remember What I Texted You Last Night


A winner of the 2016 Nostrovia! Press Chapbook Prize, Elle's I Can Remember the Meaning of Every Tarot Card But I Can’t Remember What I Texted You Last Night is a collection of vulnerability and love despite rocky times, telling these stories through the tarot's knowing eye.

Elle’s poem “The Moon” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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• Watch Elle read “The Moon” on Youtube

Fiction and Prose


Livestream - Joyland Magazine (Fiction), September 2019


Prize - The Nervous Breakdown (Fiction), December 2018

Grace - Guernica (Fiction), October 2018

Room Service - New York Tyrant Magazine (Fiction), September 2018

community property - Wohe Lit Issue 2 (prose/hybrid), June 2018

Excerpt of Animals Eat Each Other on Lit Hub, April 2018. 

Anatomy of a Distance - X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine (Fiction) March 2018.

Excerpt of Animals Eat Each Other on Talking Book, March 2018.

Charlton Heston Played John The Baptist But I Remember Him as Jesus - Hobart (Prose) December 2017.



Thank You, Lauren Greenfield - Funhouse Magazine (Fiction). November 2017. 

Me and the Flies - Vol. 1 Brooklyn (Fiction) September 10, 2017. 

AVOKA - Ghost City Press Summer Microchap Series (Fiction, Short Stories). 

Linsey - Rabble Lit (Fiction). 


We Are Just Sharp Edges Bumping Up Against Each Other - Casette 89, Dostoyevsky Wannabe Anthology (Fiction). 

Three Poems - Reality Beach.


The Wasp - Blunderbuss Magazine (Fiction)

Cling - Alien Mouth (Fiction, Fall Quarterly Print Issue)

Anatomy of a Mouth - Enclave (Fiction)

When Joan Jumped Into the Sea - The Offing (Microfiction)

A Partial List of the People I’ve Blocked on Facebook - Hobart (Fiction)

Response Column: Alone. The Last Safe Space - NAILED Magazine (Fiction)

Deathwish 006 - NAILED Magazine (Prose)


Two Poems - Blue Skirt Productions